Meeting Overview

As mentioned elsewhere, Toastmasters is a “learning by doing” organisation. Our meetings are the place where members like you practice their speaking skills and receive quality feedback.  Here’s a summary of what happens.

Typical Agenda

  • Welcome
    Our opportunity to recognise and welcome our guests and visitors.

  • Warmup
    a round-robin session where everyone in the meeting gets the opportunity to say something to the whole group for approx 15 seconds in response to a question from our Warmup Master.

  • Prepared Speeches (normally 5-7min each)
    Members request speech slots to present a short speech on a topic of their choice relating to the objectives of their current educational project. We normally have 3-4 per meeting.

  • Network Break
    As its name suggests, this is a short refreshment break where members and guests can mingle and get to know each other better.

  • Speech Evaluations
    Each speaker is assigned an evaluator. The evaluator’s role is to listen carefully to the speaker and then deliver a short verbal evaluation in the second half of the meeting. That evaluation provides the speaker with valuable feedback on what, in the opinion of their evaluator, they did well along with one or two practical recommendations for future improvement.

  • Table Topics (Impromptu Speaking)
    This is where members and visitors who have not yet spoken, are invited to speak “off-the-cuff” for 1-2 minutes on a topic allocated to them by the Table Topics Master. It may sound daunting, but it’s great fun and a valuable skill to develop. Participation is not compulsory, but it is encouraged. If you don’t want to have a go, just say “pass” if invited.

  • Table Topics Evaluation
    Those members who were willing to tackle one of our table topics get feedback too.

  • Grammarian’s Report
    The Grammarian is a member who listens out for and comments upon good and not so good use of language including metaphors, synonyms, word pictures, rhetorical devices and filler words (Uhms, Err’s, etc.)

  • General Evaluation
    The General Evaluators job is to provide constructive comment on anything that hasn’t already been evaluated, ensuring that everyone who has spoken gets a chance to receive constructive feedback.

  • Visitor Comments, Awards and Club Business
    Finally, our President will ask our visitors for their impressions of the meeting, present awards for the best speaker, best table topic and best evaluator as voted upon by the audience on the night. This is the end of the “normal” meeting.

  • Toastmasters “Extra”
    In Solent Speakers, we have instituted something we call “Toastmasters Extra.” It’s an informal opportunity after the meeting for members and guests to retire to the bar for a drink and a chat if they wish.