Club Contests

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Each year, our club organises two contest nights to add a little extra challenge and to encourage members to aim high.  The winners of the club contests will go forward to represent the club in the Area contest, and if successful there, compete again in the Division contest.

The International speech contest, which takes place at club level each spring, is the first step on a journey that could lead the lucky winner taking part in the World Championship of Public Speaking which is held each August at the Toastmasters International Convention.  

Spring Contests – (Usually held in February)

  • International Speech Contest 
    Contestants present a five-to-seven minute prepared speech on any subject of their choosing.  To be eligible to enter this contest – contestants must be a paid-up member of a club in good standing and have completed six (6) speech projects in the Competent Communication manual or earned certificates of completion in Levels 1 and 2 of any path in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience.
  • Evaluation Contest
    Contestants observe a five-to seven-minute test speech and then present a two-to three-minute evaluation of the test speech. All paid-up members of clubs in good standing are eligible to enter.

 Autumn Contests: (Usually held in September)

  • Humorous Speech Contest
    This contest, as its name suggests, is all about developing your ability to weave humour into your speeches.  Contestants present a five-to seven-minute minute humorous speech that must be thematic, i.e. it must have an overall theme with an opening, body, and close and not a series of one-liners. All paid-up members of clubs in good standing are eligible to enter.
  • Table Topics Contest
    Contestants have to deliver a 1-2 minute speech impromptu speech. All contestants are assigned the same topic, which is given to them only after the contest chair has introduced them. All paid-up members of clubs in good standing are eligible to enter.

A wealth of learning opportunities

As well as providing an opportunity to compete, club contests offer many other learning opportunities by being involved in their organisation.   Running a contest is a team effort, so those participating learn valuable leadership and collaborative skills.   To find out more about what’s involved, we recommend that you watch this short video tutorial